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The role of digital in healthcare meetings: a deep dive

Robust digital strategies can drive results across in-person, virtual and hybrid events in the healthcare sector.

We’re living in an always on world, and today, technology underpins all aspects of our lives.

When it comes to meetings and events, a bespoke strategy that reflects your objectives and encompasses the right combination of technologies is therefore key to success.

This approach ensures physical and remote delegates can both connect and are treated to inclusive experiences, drives engagement and interaction, and facilitates learning and education in effective and memorable ways.

Introducing a new digital information pack

We recognise that planning meetings at a time when delegates prefer a combination of physical and remote attendance options, determining a meeting’s format, and identifying the most appropriate digital tools, among others, can be a challenge.

Here at SWM Partners we’ve therefore developed two new resources, which are designed to support you throughout the event planning and management process.

The first explores the ways in which our dedicated digital department can help you achieve your goals, by covering:

* Our tailored approach to digital.
* The suite of services we provide to the healthcare industry
* Case study examples showcasing how we bring clients’ visions to life.

Download your copy here

The second delves into those elements that constitute an effective virtual meeting in healthcare, and covers:

* How virtual meetings have evolved from the beginning of the pandemic, to current times.
* The importance of approaching virtual meeting planning and production in the same way as a physical event.
* The eight-step process our team has developed for virtual healthcare meetings, which covers the pre, during and post-event stages.

Download your copy here

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