What clients say

What clients say

How we're rated by our clients

We have collated feedback from the last 10 meetings and you can see from the results the types of service that SWM provide.


We are extremely grateful for your hard work and dedication which led once again to a beautifully designed meeting. Your sense of detail, your quick understanding of what the team has to convey to the sites, your capacity to translate into superb slides the basic bullet-points PowerPoints that we provided to you, are only a few examples of the impressive amount of talents that the SWM team is able to demonstrate. On top of this, your professionalism is wrapped up in sheets of positive attitude and kindness

SWM's collaborative spirit, professionalism, positive attitude, critical and strategic thinking, as well as personality made them the ideal vendor partner and such an overwhelming pleasure to work with. SWM was a huge reason why our meeting series has been such a wonderful experience!

The excellent logistics and technical support provided by you and your team were instrumental in this success and we are very grateful. It takes real expertise to make a complex enterprise seem simple...

When professionalism and fun are smartly merged, great results happen!

My expectations were high but you and your team topped these. I never had such a perfectly organised investigator meeting, everything worked well; even little details were taken care of and thought about. Many thanks again for your efforts and hard work!!!

Honestly, you are the best IM event planners I have worked with and I have probably planned around 10 of them in the past and then resented being put on a study start up a few years ago. Now, I am revived and wanting to plan IMs after my experience with you. It has been a pleasure working with you in all of the meetings and I look forward to our next one...

A series of 3 meetings in Europe, US and Latin America has proved to me (if needed!) that SWM is the best event planner. It is rare to have such a combination of fun and professionalism. Great knowledge of the business and the pharma world makes things so easy and smooth. Also the SWM team are always improving, looking for new ideas and the best approach. And all of that alwyas with a smile, good spirit and kindess. I can't wait for the next meeting!

We are very grateful for everything you have done and without your support the show would not have been the success it was!

It has been more than 10 years working together and always been a pleasure to benefit from your excellent services and hope this will continue moving forward 



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