Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Content rich solution to enhance audience reach.

We're skilled in the deployment of virtual technologies to take the event to a wider audience and increase participation at face to face meetings. 

The world moves so fast these days that it's not always possible to arrange face-to-face meetings without meeting prohibitive cost, time and logistics constraints. SWM has met this challenge by harnessing the latest technology to deliver a suite of tailored virtual meeting solutions.

Our virtual meeting services have been developed in collaboration with expert presenters to deliver engaging, effective and highly interactive meetings.  We start by working closely with you to understand your objectives - then customise the solution to meet your precise needs, using one or a combination of services that include:

Live Online Meetings

These share presentations, audio and video content, combined with interactive audience polling and questions.  The solution is built on a secure and reliable platform that is robust enough to support  thousands of attendees across multiple locations. Meetings can be fully branded and simultaneously supported in multiple languages.

Hybrid Events

An extremely effective -  and cost-effective - way to extend the reach of traditional face to face meetings. Virtual participants follow a central 'hub' meeting live, in real time - and are able to select their own virtual camera views, ask questions, and take part in live voting.

Meeting and Study Portal

A solution that provides a 24/7 go to area for an event, in which delegates can access a wide range of information - including recordings of meetings, training materials, newsletters, and presentation material - as well as participate in on line forums.

Production and Studio Hire

A full suite of production services that include story boarding, live event production management, auto cue and green screen, direct to camera filming, editing and post production, and live and on demand programming.

Hosted Online Recordings

Incorporating pre-recorded material in your meeting, combined with a live Q&A, is a great way to take the pressure off presenters who aren't completely comfortable with live performance. The recordings can be used to reinforce key messages - and provide a valuable source of future training material.

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