James Smith - Operations DirectorJames Smith - Operations Director
Lisa Carter-Beasley - Head of ContractsLisa Carter-Beasley - Head of Contracts
Samantha Lowney - Head of FinanceSamantha Lowney - Head of Finance
Sue White - Scientific Programme DirectorSue White - Scientific Programme Director
Peter Thomas - Scientific Programme DirectorPeter Thomas - Scientific Programme Director
Annabel Eveson - Project DirectorAnnabel Eveson - Project Director
Maria D’Addario - Project DirectorMaria D’Addario - Project Director
Vicky Gómez Gibson - Project DirectorVicky Gómez Gibson - Project Director
Tara Roe-Gammon - Scientific Programme ManagerTara Roe-Gammon - Scientific Programme Manager
Hayley Bedford - Project ManagerHayley Bedford - Project Manager
Jade Gardiner - Project ExecutiveJade Gardiner - Project Executive
Bridie Hook - Project ExecutiveBridie Hook - Project Executive
Greta Nicholls - Project DirectorGreta Nicholls - Project Director
Emma Preedy - Project ExecutiveEmma Preedy - Project Executive
Suvi Saxen - Business Development ManagerSuvi Saxen - Business Development Manager
Alistair Barton - Project DirectorAlistair Barton - Project Director
Jaqueline Campbell - Project DirectorJaqueline Campbell - Project Director
Keely Sinfield - Office ManagerKeely Sinfield - Office Manager
Daisy George - Project ExecutiveDaisy George - Project Executive
Ritika Sharma - Scientific Programme ManagerRitika Sharma - Scientific Programme Manager
Lucie-Stella Franks - Project ExecutiveLucie-Stella Franks - Project Executive

Our Team

SWM has one of the most experienced team of professionals in the industry, with an average of over 10 years working at SWM. We've helped our clients run successful meetings for over 20 years, in every part of the world.
Ritika Sharma - Scientific Programme Manager

Ritika Sharma  |  Scientific Programme Manager

After graduating with Masters of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham in 2013, I went on to qualify as a pharmacist in 2014. Since then I have worked as a clinical pharmacist for some private organisations and have had extensive experience of working within the NHS and in pharmacy education. I have the role of Scientific Program Development Manager at SWM, which enables me to use and apply my pharmaceutical knowledge to help develop high quality scientific programs and understand the scientific requirements of our clients closely. I enjoy liaising with clients, providing on-site support and watching the event come together!


People would be surprised if they knew

I have lived in Malaysia

Top three life highlights?

Qualifying as a pharmacist, backpacking south-east Asia, Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

What phobias do you have?

Lizards, so it can be a huge problem considering the places I like to travel to!

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