James Smith - Operations DirectorJames Smith - Operations Director
Lisa Carter-Beasley - Head of ContractsLisa Carter-Beasley - Head of Contracts
Samantha Lowney - Head of FinanceSamantha Lowney - Head of Finance
Sue White - Scientific Programme DirectorSue White - Scientific Programme Director
Peter Thomas - Scientific Programme DirectorPeter Thomas - Scientific Programme Director
Annabel Eveson - Project DirectorAnnabel Eveson - Project Director
Maria D’Addario - Project DirectorMaria D’Addario - Project Director
Vicky Gómez Gibson - Project DirectorVicky Gómez Gibson - Project Director
Tara Roe-Gammon - Scientific Programme ManagerTara Roe-Gammon - Scientific Programme Manager
Hayley Bedford - Project ManagerHayley Bedford - Project Manager
Jade Gardiner - Project ExecutiveJade Gardiner - Project Executive
Bridie Hook - Project ExecutiveBridie Hook - Project Executive
Greta Nicholls - Project DirectorGreta Nicholls - Project Director
Emma Preedy - Project ExecutiveEmma Preedy - Project Executive
Marc Exton-McGuinness - Scientific Programme Development Manager Marc Exton-McGuinness - Scientific Programme Development Manager
Alistair Barton - Project DirectorAlistair Barton - Project Director
Jaqueline Campbell - Project DirectorJaqueline Campbell - Project Director
Keely Sinfield - Office ManagerKeely Sinfield - Office Manager
Daisy George - Project ExecutiveDaisy George - Project Executive
Ritika Sharma - Scientific Programme ManagerRitika Sharma - Scientific Programme Manager
Lucie-Stella Franks - Project ExecutiveLucie-Stella Franks - Project Executive

Our Team

SWM has one of the most experienced team of professionals in the industry, with an average of over 10 years working at SWM. We've helped our clients run successful meetings for over 20 years, in every part of the world.
Marc Exton-McGuinness - Scientific Programme Development Manager

Marc Exton-McGuinness  |  Scientific Programme Development Manager

I began my career in preclinical research in neuropsychopharmacology, having obtaining my PhD in 2015. After a few years in basic research I moved into the pharmaceutical industry, joining a small medical communications agency before joining the team at SWM as a Scientific Programme Development Manager in February 2020. My role is to support our clients with the content and format of their meetings. On a day-to-day basis that means developing engaging meeting content, creating supporting materials for clinical sites, and providing on-site support to ensure meetings run smoothly on the day. I enjoy applying my scientific knowledge, experimenting with new ideas and watching a plan come together!

In my Spare Time:

I used to be a rower, but recently turned to running and completed a marathon!

If someone asked you to give them a piece of random advice what would you say? 

The most valuable thing you will ever own is time; make the most of every moment. It can never be replaced.

Favourite city:

Prague – amazing food, amazing drink and amazing people!

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