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Why partner with a specialist healthcare agency?

By James Smith, Managing Director, SWM Partners

Combined event and scientific expertise

A specialist healthcare event, as well as communications agency is made up of individuals with a unique skill set, and extensive knowledge of all facets of the sector.

These partners are different from generalist event and communications agencies, in that their niche lies in the healthcare industry. Here at SWM Partners, for example, we have more than 25 years’ experience in this particular field.

In addition to their existing industry expertise, our qualified scientists and experienced event professionals remain abreast of the latest trends, developments, and regulatory requirements that pertain to the healthcare sector.

Furthermore, they recognise the unique nuances of your industry – and the many therapy areas that exist within it – audience, organisation and products, and understand the importance of compliance.

One partner, one vision

Working with an agency of this nature eliminates the need for you to source, coordinate and work with multiple partners.

When all expertise can be found in-house, you can expect a cohesive experience, and confidence in knowing that the project is in good hands. This then enables you to focus on other areas of your role, and important internal happenings within your organisation.

At SWM Partners, our three core teams collaborate on healthcare projects from the briefing stage to live event management, and right through to the post-event phase. A member of each team is present across all planning, update and post-event meetings with you, a move that ensures consistency of message and approach across every touchpoint of your event.

A genuine passion for healthcare

While their responsibilities vary in terms of event planning and management, technology curation and implementation, and scientific material development, those who work within an agency like ours are united in their passion for improving patient outcomes and advancing the future of healthcare.

Working as a collective, they develop an event’s strategy from the outset, and ensure it is woven throughout. This includes everything from the event type and format, and venue and travel recommendations our event team provides, to the engagement tools our digital team put forward, and the programme and educational materials our science team develops, based on the data they extract from your study or product.

This approach, and our teams’ deep expertise in all facets of healthcare, ensures your events and content engage, educate and inform delegates in the most effective and personalised ways, and that in turn, you achieve your objectives.

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