Creative Design and Communication

Creative Design and Communication

Whatever the message, you'll communicate it better if your content is delivered clearly, and the look of the event is consistent and on brand. 

SWM has all the communication and design expertise to recommend and develop the best means to deliver an exciting and engaging delegate experience - from invitation to post-event cascade through a mixture of traditional and digital communication techniques and production tools.  

Our services include:

  • Logo design and event branding
  • Development of event programmes and agendas  
  • Technology assessment  of interactive audience tools to deliver the right levels of delegate engagement and excitement
  • Speaker training  through to review and enhancement of speaker presentations 
  • Design and production of meeting support documentation
  • Event web site design and creation of event portals

Post-Event Communications

No event exists in isolation. Whatever your objective, it's vital that the key messages stick in the audiences's minds after the day. We can provide you with a full range of follow up activities and cascade materials - including DVDs, dedicated websites, newsletters and publications.

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