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A globally renowned healthcare congress was set to bring the in-person element of its event back, following a two-year hiatus.

This prompted two leading companies in the space to seek our team out to provide event planning and management, as well as scientific communication support for their ancillary meetings.

Hybrid and global in nature, these meetings were to take place outside of congress hours, and provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest research and developments as they related to their respective studies.


We recognised that after a long day at the congress, creative engagement ideas and location were a must in order to attract in-person attendees. This led our team to recommend adding draw cards such as ‘meet the experts’ sessions to their meetings, and ensure KOLs and steering committee members were physically present.

We also advised on venue locations, ensuring close proximity to the main site and therefore ease of access for audience members.

On the virtual front, we provided a series of engagement solution ideas, and advised that sessions be recorded for future viewing.


For one of the two meetings, key study results were highly confidential, and not due to be released until later in the year. This meant our client faced the challenge of how to share this key information with audience members.

To ensure both in-person and virtual participants could learn about the findings, we recommended displaying the data on the slides to both groups, while highlighting the sensitive, non-shareable nature of its contents.

We felt this approach would prevent disparities among the audience, and ensure all received the same level of detail about the study outcomes.


We handled all pre-planning, including programme development, venue research, support and liaison, and collateral and branding, and managed both meetings from start to finish on two separate days.

As both events were hybrid in nature and designed for a global audience, they featured the aforementioned live chat functionality, as well as a polling and Q&A platform, where questions could be either sent in via text, or asked verbally.

Sessions were also recorded, so those who could not attend either in-person or virtually due to time zone or other factors, were able to tune in at a later date.

Furthermore, a member of our Scientific team oversaw both events. They worked closely with the presenters, ensuring their slides were compelling and on brand, and also provided amendment support on the event days.


Both clients were very pleased with the outcome of their meetings. It was clear that the in-person attendees were excited to see one another, and the events were highly interactive for both audiences.

Our client at one company noted: “Thanks again to the SWM team for helping us plan and host the reception. It was very professional and organised.”

Our client at another company said: “On behalf of our team, I would like to thank SWM Partners for the great support you provided.”

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