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A global pharmaceutical client came to us to support them on the delivery of a virtual investigator meeting, which involved a global breast cancer study.


The meeting would usually have been a face-to-face event, however due to the pandemic, it needed to be virtual. 

The client had found extended virtual meetings do not produce the same type of engagement as their in-person counterparts, and looked to SWM Partners to create a shortened, approximately two-hour experience which would still communicate key information about the study, yet in a more concise way.


We partnered to deliver the event in two phases. The first involved a series of topic specific, bite sized videos which were created and produced by SWM Partners. These were distributed in the weeks leading up to the virtual investigator meeting, a move that ensured attendees were well versed on the content to be covered ahead of time. 

The second phase involved a live virtual meeting, which for maximum engagement, was designed to be highly interactive. It featured polling, Q&A time where audience members could either write and submit or ask questions, and a series of in-depth case studies. We focused on showcasing the unique aspects of the study which could not be learned anywhere else, such as on site visits.

Overall the response was incredibly positive, with most attendees staying on until the very end of the meeting, something that is not always common in a virtual setting. The client also celebrated the flexible nature of our virtual meeting solution. 

The fact that we adjusted the meeting for different regions throughout the globe, where particular content and delivery styles are more relevant than others, also had a part to play here.

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