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Recently we worked on a global study in Huntington’s Disease for a large pharma company.


The study involved a critical element of drug delivery and CSF assessment via regular monthly Lumbar Puncture (LP).  A few sites were reluctant to impose this level of burden on their patients and some sites had varying procedures and expertise in LP. The Investigator Meetings needed to convey how important the frequency and consistency of these procedures were to the outcome of the study.                     


SWM worked closely with the science team and internal patient advocacy groups to create two specific interactive sessions to address this challenge.

A - Practical Workshop

A video of the procedure filmed at one of the sites was initially shown to a small group.  This was then followed by a live demonstration delivered by two experts, involving a volunteer to show the exact positioning and a lumbar prosthesis to demonstrate the exact mechanics around the use of the specially developed LP device.  A cameraman was engaged to film all of these live elements in close up -this camera shot was projected on to the screen in the workshop.  After the demonstration, the audience were able to approach and quiz the experts and inspect the equipment.  The workshop was thoroughly appreciated and went a long way to emphasise the importance of this aspect of the study. SWM orchestrated how this workshop was delivered both in terms of content and technical execution.

B - Live Patient Interview

To address the issue of patient burden of multiple LPs, a patient involved in an earlier Natural History study was invited to the meeting and had an informal conversation on stage with her Study Nurse and Physician about her experiences. Her positive reassurances helped alleviate some concerns held by study physicians.

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