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A global healthcare organisation sought to create a unique, in-person experience for a new internal department it had launched.

The two-day event needed to educate team members about changes and developments within the company, and enhance its culture by providing a platform to celebrate employees and bring them together, all while minimising its environmental impact.


As the majority of employees had either not seen each other face-to-face for over two years or met in person due to the pandemic, we determined that a series of unique team building activities would effectively encourage collaboration both during the event, and long after it ended.

This prompted our team to develop concepts which would allow employees’ individual skill sets, experience and stories to shine, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie.

From a sustainability perspective, we developed a series of recommendations for implementation both in the lead up to and during the event.


While the original plan was to have all employees attend the event physically, due to illness and other factors, the meeting switched to a hybrid format one-and-a-half weeks out from launch day.

Our team subsequently stepped in to support on communications, ensuring those tuning in virtually were able to get the most out of the experience.


In the lead up to the meeting, we developed email communications which featured environmental related facts and figures, and shared details of the sustainability measures that were being taken at the event.

Over the two days a varied mix of delivery styles and activities were utilised, all of which were designed to educate and inform, as well as inspire and motivate audience members.

These included presentations where internal leaders provided organisational updates, breakouts that invited colleagues to discuss and brainstorm key subject matter, and highly interactive, hands-on challenges.

This was complemented by a team dinner, where employees had the opportunity to stand up in front of their peers in a welcoming environment, and share their company and career journeys.

Furthermore, to ensure an engaging and inclusive experience for virtual attendees, all key sessions were live streamed, and virtual collaboration tools were employed to allow for two-way interaction between in-person and remote audience members.


While SWM Partners has worked with this company for many years, the meeting represented an extension of our existing relationship with them.

Not only did we help our client design, deliver and manage a new type of event, their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So much so, that there are now plans to replicate its format in international markets.

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