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Given both SWM Partners’ event management and scientific expertise, a leading healthcare company looked to the agency to support it on a hybrid investigator meeting series, which was to span several continents.

We were tasked with planning and managing the meetings, and developing a communications strategy that would educate healthcare professionals and patients about the study, which was being rolled out across more than 50 countries, and involved over 4,000 participants.


As the meetings were taking place in different regions, our event experts recognised that it was important to plan them with respect to cultural nuances, as this would facilitate greater learning and engagement. For in-person meetings, locations and dates were identified in line with key congresses and events related to the study’s therapy area, to ensure optimal attendance.

From a communications perspective, our scientific team focused on developing an event identity that would resonate globally. They also recommended translating content, and producing bespoke materials for patients from different cultural backgrounds.


With the events taking place over the course of a year, some were held at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant the meetings were initially virtual. However, as restrictions began to ease and borders reopened, our event professionals evolved the format with respect to this, while developing robust delegate communications to determine their comfort levels and preferred mode of attendance.

This saw some events in the series shift to hybrid, meanwhile others were completely in-person. Furthermore, the global nature of the meetings meant it was important we adjust risk assessments and health and safety plans to ensure they were compliant.

The different formats and audiences also saw our scientific team provide extensive strategic support, and build on and adjust the suite of materials they had developed for the series on an ongoing basis.


Both our event and scientific teams were involved in weekly strategy meetings with the client, which ensured smooth planning and management, and that all materials complemented each format and target audience.

Our event management team handled virtual platform development for online and hybrid events, conceived an interactive solution so that in-person and remote attendees could learn and engage, and handled all travel and accommodation, as well as venue liaison for in-person meetings.

SWM Partners’ scientific team developed an overarching brand for the study, created a slide template for speakers to utilise, handled rehearsals, and oversaw slide reviews.

They produced a range of study support materials, including referral documents for healthcare professionals, posters for clinics, informative videos for patients, and study summary and partner guides. Given the global nature of the study, they also translated content into more than 30 languages.


Our team received brilliant feedback from the client, and they were especially pleased with our ability to continuously evolve the meetings and communications.

The response from delegates was also positive, particularly when it came to the opportunity to interact with their colleagues in face-to-face environments.

Furthermore, following the success of this series, the client selected SWM Partners to develop branding and templates for five additional sister studies. Furthermore, our teams are providing full scientific and event support on one of these additional studies.

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