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Connecting International Attendees in a Hybrid Setting

With pandemic restrictions easing, a leading healthcare company wanted to bring in-person and virtual attendees from across the world together for a hybrid investigator meeting.

The company had postponed this event since the beginning of the pandemic, as it wanted to provide delegates with the opportunity to physically meet, discuss and learn, while at the same time providing an inclusive experience for virtual attendees.


We ideated a series of solutions to connect physical and remote delegates, and devised two key strategies to ensure this was possible. The first was to develop an interactive platform that enabled organic, two-way engagement. The second was to create and design a unique set design which would maintain the interest of both audiences.


Given the global nature of the event and the fact that a lead speaker was travelling from the other side of the world, we were subject to regularly changing restrictions and entry requirements.

This also flowed into the set design element. Because it was completely bespoke and designed to fit the event space, it meant adjustments were required depending on attendee numbers, up to just a few days out from the day of the meeting.

We worked swiftly and innovatively however, to ensure a seamless execution.


The meeting consisted of a number of presentations, where therapy area experts discussed key trial related findings and updates, which were complemented by case studies showcasing its effectiveness, as well as attendee training.

The platform we developed and managed featured a camera function so virtual attendees could experience the meeting in real time. Much like a television show, it panned in and out to showcase different speakers, audience members, slide content, and the physical space.

All presentations also featured voting and Q&A elements, which were available to both live and virtual attendees via an interactive app. To ensure further integration, remote audience members had the option to have their faces appear on the main screen when they asked a question.


The client was thrilled with the overall execution, particularly the fact that every site across the world had representation either physically or virtually, which highlights the effectiveness of the solution.

Of the virtual attendees, 82% engaged with the entire experience, meanwhile 94% of in-person attendees stated they got the most value out of meeting the study team and site staff, which points to the success of the in-person element.


The client stated: “Everything was perfect and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the help and the professional planning. No detail was left out. A big thank you to all of you for your support in making this meeting a success.”

Attendees were similarly pleased with the experience. Commenting on the virtual platform, one delegate said: “Looks fantastic – thank you! That may be the best virtual meeting format I’ve seen!”

Physical attendee feedback included: “It was a really effective meeting on so many levels. Well done everyone” and “The IM was excellent in all aspects. Many thanks.”

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