Thinking inside the Catchbox

We are always keen to find tools and devices to enhance our events and promote interaction, especially some of the more intensive and technical meetings where you can run the risk of one-way, didactic information overload.

We were, therefore, excited to be introduced to the ‘Catchbox’ which is a soft cube containing a microphone. The ‘Catchbox’ is thrown by the chairperson to delegates in the audience for them to use instead of a standard hand-held mic.  This tactile device makes asking questions in a full meeting room quicker, easier and more fun!! It keeps the interaction and discussion upbeat and spontaneous.  We used it very successfully at a recent workshop meeting and we saw how the ‘Catchbox’ mic immediately helped to break the ice by getting the audience chatting and interacting with it.  We love the concept of this great tool and that's the reason why it now features in our AV kit-list. Ask us about it for your next event!

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