Relocation, Relocation, Relocation..

We recently faced the challenge of a last minute "switch" of hotel venue, just 7 days before the start of a meeting in Guangzhou, China.  We were asked by the client to find an alternative venue, suitable for a meeting of 50 people in cabaret style, plus meeting space for the Slide Preview and Secretariat Office functions.  The venue also had to offer accommodation and a suitable place to hold the Welcome Dinner.  The urgency was compounded by an imminent public holiday in China, plus a Bank Holiday in the UK!

The SWM team immediately dropped everything to prioritise the venue search and just 15 minutes later had found availability at the city centre Crowne Plaza, Guangzhou.  Within 12 hours, our local representative had conducted a site visit to ensure suitability and compliance, and then just another 12 hours after this, the contract had been negotiated, signed and deposit paid.  Meanwhile, the project team worked on confirming all the new logistical details, liaising with our suppliers to ensure the switch of hotels was seamless.  Indeed, the client praised SWM for managing this tricky situation so professionally and smoothly, commenting that the delegates were totally unaware of the behind-the-scenes reorganisation! A great example of the meeting planner’s mantra: “Gliding calmly like a swan while paddling frantically like a duck”. Mission accomplished!

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