Apps are ‘h’appening at events

Technological innovation can be harnessed to boost engagement at meetings. Integrating apps into meeting programs is on the increase through team building activities and training sessions. This technology is becoming more accepted and enjoyed by delegates, and in return it can provide an efficient way of checking understanding and obtaining delegate input.

Apps on ipads for icebreaker or team building activities are proving ever more popular. Integrating standard ipad features such as taking photos and videos as part of the activity, whilst incorporating the app functionality of multiple choice questions, slider feedback, real time data collation, video viewing and open ended comments. The results are available immediately, allowing feedback to be shared, whilst still harnessing the tried and tested traditional team building benefits of teamwork, fun and competitive spirit.

The use of a mobile app was also a lifesaver on a recent event to South America where Customs decided to hold on to all of our shipment, including our interactive keypads devices.  Overnight we were able to take advantage of Lumi’s (our interactive audience response provider) bespoke event app which delegates could use to vote on their phones and tablets. Because it worked so well, the delegates never realised that this approach hadn’t been the original plan!! Certainly where shipping costs and customs are an issue, the voting app is a great option.

How SWM can make your event ‘h’appy

We would be delighted to discuss any ideas your may already have or need help developing for a forthcoming event.

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